It's unfortunate that NUTD can't get synced with the iPhone. I'm not sure I can wait until November or January. I've been a loyal NUTD&C user for years, and will miss it, but may need to move to iCal or Entourage.

A scuzzy work-around in the meantime came to me as I was working with an Apple Genius at my local store. I need to see my weekly calendar for travel details (flight numbers, rental car and hotel reservations), etc, and need to see the coming four weeks at a glance; I can get by without adjusting my calendar on my phone.

Here's what we came up with - I "printed" the four calendar pages I needed from NUTD, but instead of sending the document to the printer, I used the "pdf" button on the lower left corner of the print dialogue box, chose "Save PDF to iPhoto." At that point, those four pages were created as four separate jpegs and loaded inside iPhoto.

I then launched iPhoto, created an album titled, "Calendars" and put the four pages in that album.

Then, in the sync section of iTunes, I indicated to sync the photo album called "Calendars" The four pages came onto my phone as "photos," and with the expand photo ability on the iPhone, it worked well enough for me.

Not pretty, but better than anything else. GET THE SYNC SITUATION FIXED ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!