Well, at first glance it appears that using iSync to connect to the iPhone would be the conduit used to move stuff from NUD/C 5 data to the iPhone.... So theoretically that would be the way to move NUD/C 5 data to the iPhone.

I'm personally hoping that there will be a NightHawk iPhone edition. That way, there's no need to use iSync.



If the Palm can get thousands of third party programs working on the PalmOS, why not have a brand new cottage industry for the iPhone with third pary developers creating multitudes of apps for the iPhone?

I remembered the good old days of HyperCard where there was bound to be a program to suit your needs.

I'd imagine that NightHawk would have to be written to help preserve battery (less write functions) and less polling the internet for data.... Also a smaller user interface for the iPhone's screen....