Call me a damn fool, but I got the BeeJive iPhone app (when it was on special offer) because it has a great interface for IM, and makes it very easy to chat with Google chat. Or so I thought...

But unlike the Google web interface and every other iPhone IM app I've tried, it doesn't show you when your chat buddy is typing a reply - nor does it show them when you are.

So I signed up to their support forum, and posted a query about this - I thought maybe I was missing a pref somewhere to turn this on, but otherwise was suggesting it as an enhancement request. I was encouraging and polite.

My forum post didn't make it onto the forum, so I emailed them instead - same message, also mentioning that my post hadn't got on the forum. No reply. I reposted the query on the forum, in case it had got lost in the ether. It never appeared there (other posts appeared after the first time and that time, so I know the forum itself is working and being moderated). No reply to emails.

So I knocked a star off my app store review for lack of response.

And now they've pulled my app store review.

This is deeply unimpressive behaviour from a professional company. Do I have a next step? I'm going to email them again and ask what's going on, but I don't expect a response. I just don't get it.
If it's brokenless, don't suffix it...