So you don't have insurance at all? Rather than have you depend on an emergency room you'll now have a federally-funded community clinic you can go to free of cost or you can buy a full policy from the provider of your choice with a cap on the premium you will pay.

Here's the bill's credit cap/income chart:

If you're at the bottom of the chart you pay less than $30/mo. to insure a family of 4. If you're at the high end of that chart you pay a several hundred dollars a month, and I bet that's way better than anything you can get now.

If you make more than $88,000/yr there are tax credits that will apply too.

The mandates exist because if insurance companies are regulated that they cannot deny coverage, and pre-existing conditions won't matter ... people will game the system and only buy insurance when they are already sick and need immediate care. If everyone buys in at some price level then the system works and taxes aren't levied to support the subsidies. When everybody buys in the government regulates that premiums stay low. That's the real "government controlled healthcare" in the bill that the GOP doesn't like.

edit: Did you see the Countdown reports from the free-clinics they raised money for? Each clinic saw 1000's of people who had medical needs but hadn't seen a doctor in years (or ever). Each of those clinics cost several $100Ks to sponsor. People lined up for days to get in. Lives were saved by treating easily preventable problems.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders and Obama the two bills allocate $23Billion to community clinics for the next 5 years for people at risk or too poor. Think about it.