I do pay for my own. What on the face of the planet makes you think you're paying my doctor bills? We don't get sick, hardly ever. When we do? We pay.

I'm sick of this "we have to pay for you because you don't buy into the same system that's screwed us." It's a Liberal Talking Point ~ A one size fits all kind of finger pointing away from the real problem, designed to make me feel guilty about being opposed to the mandate. I don't.

I can't be any clearer on this, but let me try. You. Do. Not. Pay. Our. Medical. Bills. If your insurance is screwing you with higher premiums every time you open the envelope, your beef should be with them and their obscene profit scheme. I'm not the reason they suck your money. You're not dumb enough to believe that my not buying their product means they have to charge you more. I know you're not.

So. Anyway. Yeah, we're all screwed. Get used to it.

I always deserve it. Really.