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. . . it's really a crapshoot to hope my expensive policy will actually keep me well. If I was diagnosed tomorrow with cancer I'm certain they'd find a way to deny me because I didn't report that I'd eaten paste in the second grade.

Yep, we're applying for new insurance now and the form is worded so that they will always have an out if you have a serious claim to make.

"Has any applicant consulted with or received treatment from any doctor or other health care provider for any other condition or symptom(s) not listed on this application?"

That's so broad, if I received an aspirin from a school nurse in the third grade, it would qualify. My wife and I are scratching our heads, trying to list anything that could be used against us if we don't disclose it. We're both over 50 years old. There's no way we can remember every godd@m thing we've ever been treated for.

I'm convinced that the best advice to come out of Congress in the last 30 years was Alan Grayson's Republican-mocking "Just donít get sick. Ö If you do get sick . . . die quickly." Seriously, think about that. It's great advice. Not only does it not cost anything, if you follow it, you'll actually save your family money. When's the last time Congress did something like that?