It's there for the emergency (except if it's at an urgent care center). Who knows, it's really a crapshoot to hope my expensive policy will actually keep me well. If I was diagnosed tomorrow with cancer I'm certain they'd find a way to deny me because I didn't report that I'd eaten paste in the second grade.

Preventative care seems to a big problem for them to cover.

I recently found a really great doctor ( I hope he continues to accept my insurance provider). I thought turning 50 I want to get a complete workup. Co-pay for the office visit and follow up were $40. That's a good thing.

Lab work - blood, cholesterol, prostate screening and all that ... $80. out of pocket. That's good too. I mentioned the colonoscopy ... I'm going to wait on that.

Opthalomagist visit to check my vision and eye health ... no coverage on my policy.
Last year I had my hearing checked ... no coverage.