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Again, not fixing the real reason we need the health care bill, out of control costs.

Certainly costs need to be brought under control, but one of the reasons costs are out of control is because health care was turned over to the private sector.

While I'm certainly against turning into a society like the late Soviet Union, applying capitalism to everything seems silly. The scare talk of socialist health care is just that, silly. Some things aren't logical to be run by private corporations.

Ten years ago when the boneheads in our state government decided to deregulate the gas and electric company I said it was a stupid idea. They said it would promote competition. Yeah, right. Competition with a company that's had it's entire infrastructure paid for by taxes. Well, that fabulous competition that never came around has driven my electric bill from $50-$60 a month to about $300, and they want to keep raising rates because they don't make as much money as they did when they were regulated. I suppose if there is a side benefit I only use about 60% of the electricity I used when I was paying $60 so I don't end up paying a $900 bill. Phos should enjoy it when the deregulation kicks on in PA next year. smile

I wonder how people would feel if when they dialed 911, they had to have a credit card handy. "Hello ma'am, thanks for calling Acme police force. The fee to come arrest that burglar in your house is $5,000, plus gas and ammunition charges. What, you can't pay? Well then I hope your life insurance is paid for, sorry." Click.

No, the government is there to take care of its citizens. Seems to me health care falls under that category of responsibility.

edit - You know one of the reasons costs are so out of control is R&D costs on some of this equipment. That's one thing that certainly needs subsidies. If companies can start receiving back some of these R&D costs then I wouldn't have to pay $1200 for a one time use stapler in the O.R. that certainly can be manufactured for $5.

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