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This is the kind of crap that will never be fixed as long as health insurance is a for-profit institution.

Yep. Even if we do have the best health care in the world (and that's debatable), what difference does it make if you can't afford it? I'd rather have the second best health care that doesn't bankrupt me.

And that is kinda what I was trying to imply with my original post. I agree that all of the accusations coming from the Right are true that this bill will be the beginning of Single Payer Universal care. Single Payer didn't have a prayer of a chance to get through the Congress with this Senate. But this Senate bill will. And then comes Obama's fix-it bill through reconciliation. And then maybe a Public Option ammendment soon after.

Once those are signed into law then it can only be amended and fine-tuned and sometime (sooner then never) this country can have federally funded universal health care that will be the envy of the world.

Without this bill, the first step in a long process, then we are stuck with insurance companies and the GOP & teabaggers voting to keep them in power ... and the Supreme Court just added fuel to their fire. It's got to happen this time or not at all.