I wish.

This is a little offtopic, but not really...

Two weeks ago my wife finds out she will need surgery on her jaw because when she had braces the crappy orthodontist pushed one of the brackets too low and it ruined the gum lining. She had a crown put on the tooth, but it really only slowed the problem.

She has to have a piece of bone from her chin removed and then grafted into her jaw to fix this just so she can eventually get a tooth implant about a year from now. Great teeth except this one horrible thing from the braces.

It costs $7,000 to do all this. Yes, $7,000. Not one single penny is covered by insurance. They consider this "elective" surgery. Yeah, she could pull the tooth, but around 4-5 years from now she would begin to lose the adjacent teeth. So, its elective...if you're ok with eventually losing all the teeth on one side of your face.

This is the kind of crap that will never be fixed as long as health insurance is a for-profit institution.