I'm running 5.0.9310.546799 and things are getting weird. Off Boot Camp XP did what I wanted to do, I'd edit a few word and excel documents, and surf the internet occasionally, nothing special, but it didn't need to be. Just recently though I haven't been able to print, nor have I been able to connect to the internet either. I've reinstalled Parallels and Parallels Tools, but to no avail; and it's slow too. Also, there are times when the start screen just hangs, I have to quit even before the VM engages and then restart my iMac to get Parallels to work.

I've tried the various work-arounds offered in the Parallels' forums, but the problems persist. The VM sees the connected printer, but if I try to print it doesn't see it; on the Mac side it prints unimpeded.

Anyone have any suggestions?