It's 6 PM Central here at LaHacienda.

Edit: I finally gave up on Dreaded Threaded because ~ The read/not read indicators (read = blue, not read = black) just aren't working. They "stick" for a session, then I go find something real to do with my life. I come back, and threads I know I already read are black. Nope, I don't log out. Anyway, it's just too confusing, so I've been getting used to Flat.

ANYway, I was wondering if this Threaded read/not read problem might be because our timing is still off here. Or if it's only off when someone is so old school stubborn they insist on sticking with Dreaded Threaded.

File under not remotely important to anybody but me. And I only get really frustrated with Flat when there's a gazillion post thread going in the Box. It's hard to keep up with who's exactly insulting who, for what and when.

Hey, I'm not a drama queen, but I love the show. Sue me. laugh

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I always deserve it. Really.