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Ahhh gotcha. The 68 one is the one that is listed by the AEBS in its parent tab for manual setup. The linksys WRT54G used to set local IPs starting with 192, but as Bozo points out, the AEBS uses 10.0.x.x.

The internal 10.0.x.x and 255.255.x.x subnets are typically used for larger organizations (thousands of machines). I don't know why the AEBS would be using that class of addressing, it's more complicated than your typical Class C addressing found in home networks (the 192.168.x.x and 255.255.255.x) The router has less to deal with, plus consumer routers typically suck when using a class B or A scheme.

My suggestion would be to configure the AE to use a class C addressing scheme, exactly like your linksys did. Otherwise your AE and your cable modem are actually on different networks. :P

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