This is one of those ideas that just isn't going to work the way I want it to.

The biggest problem stems from Open Firmware and the OSses themselves - neither OS 9, OS X10.4 or 10.5 see this drive as a bootable OS. Even Ubuntu has issues trying to install onto it, either through the add-on card or through the built-in USB 1.1.

I'm not sure if firmware drivers would need to be developed for both the add-on cards AND the flash drive or not, but from the little bit of information I have gathered, it sounds like I'd beputting a lot of time into something with little payout.

On the bright side, due to the number of times I've taken aprt and put back together my machine, I've noticed, underneath the fan running directly to the CPU, what appears to be an unused USB port - essentialy, the holes match up with the pins for the two existing USB ports further down the board. OF course, there's still the issue of the OSses seeing this as a bootable device or the fact that it'd be on a 1.1 connection.

As for firewire, there's a couple of big problems: There's not enough space currently to place a firewire device inside my machine (the USB Flash drive sits on the dedicated USB 2.0 card, which is half-height), no internal Firewire (like there was with earlier G4 Models), and most importantly, no used firewire flash drives available on eBay right now. (I know they exist - I read articles about them - but obviously there was no takeoff like there was with USB,) I could go with a compact flash reader, but I want to keep everything internalized.

The best option at this point, if I were to continue pursuing this, would be to go the SSD route - there are PATA-based SSDs on the market not far from the SATA-based models. The price of doing this, however, is out of the question - at $200 for a 64 gig drive, I could have bought two one-terabyte HD's. By the time the prices are reasonable, chances are they won't be making them for PATA anymore.

Thanks anyways.