A friend of mine gave me two copies of Windows 7 ultimate. One is 32bit and the other is 64bit. These copies were never used so they're legit.

Anyway I decided to install VirtualBox on my Laptop that runs XP. I could only dedicate 495MB of ram to the Virtual system. I installed the 64bit version and I have to say I was pleased with the speed and it felt stable. I went ahead and tossed the 64bit version onto my 4GB jump drive and installed it onto my Laptop. I am very pleased with it however it took a while to find compatible nVidia drivers for the video and for some odd reason my card reader has no driver support but works just fine. In Device Manager I have three unknown base system devices and one unknown device. I think it's the card reader.

Overall im happy with this and im having fun figuring out how everything works.
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