Thanks for the continued help.

When I first plugged in the router I had everything turned off (modem too, but it has a battery). Upon starting it up, I got nothing but a blinking amber light and the status indicated I had no connection. I shut everything down again and unplugged the cable company's coaxial cable for several minutes allowing the modem to fully reset before repowering the router. That did it, so I think the modem has been reset completely.

Apple's firewall (in system preferences) is off, and has never been used by me.

Yeah, I hit update after every tinker I do. Interesting though, each time it says to wait while "AE restarts", or something like that. But, only after certain modifications does it actually restart (you get the amber light again, etc.). Most of the time the Airport utility just hangs a bit, but there is no physical change in the status light of the airport itself.

I'm at work for a couple more hours, or I would post pics too. But yeah, its just like that, except in the case of FTP or Timbuktu its a single number in those address fields. I would be happy as a clam to just open up all the damn ports DMZ style if I could, but that was a bust too.

I'll try the factory reset again when I get home, as well as another complete modem/router/computer reboot. Only two possibilities here. Either Apple's hardware is flaky, in which I'm disappointed with them. Or, I'm doing something wrong which is still Apple's fault because this is supposed to be easier than a damn Cisco device! wink