Decided to finally replace my old Linksys WRT54G. I bought that back in about 2003 when 802.11g was pretty fresh for home use. It still works, but has gotten a little flaky (requiring more resets) and I'd like to upgrade to 802.11n for my more recent hardware.

I picked up the Airport extreme without doing very much research. In computer years its decades ahead of my old one and... its made by Apple, it must be good!

First thing I notice is that there is no support for dynamic DNS updating. Lame, my linksys did that in 2003. Oh well, whatever, I'll run the simple daemon from

Then the real garbage begins. Port forwarding on my linksys was always easy. Add the port, hit update and it was always open and available. In recent years, I just said "screw it" and hit the DMZ button (opening all ports) and was done with it. I've never encountered any security concerns.

I can't for the life of me get ports to open with this thing.

It appears pretty self-explanatory. In the advanced tab of networking there is a NAT setup. You hit "+" to add a new service and there is a place for public and private TCP and UDP and a place for your private IP of the device you want forwarded to. Great. Too bad no matter what port I choose, nothing opens up. For example, I use Timbuktu to access my machine from work. It requires only port 407. I put that in all the fields, and add the local IP of my machine...nothing. And websites like this that check for open ports show it is still closed. Same for ftp on port 21... heck I can't even get regular apple sharing to work. frown (and yes, the sharing for both ftp and file sharing is on in the system preferences)

I tried the AEBS version of DMZ too. I set my home desktop to have a static IP by DHCP reservation ( is the default) using its MAC address. No problem there, but when I hit the button to have that be the default device for NAT I get nothing on any ports. No way to connect to this network externally.

I can't believe this device is really this dysfunctional? What could I be doing wrong, this just shouldn't be that hard to do.