Got hired as a (Commercial Construction Superintendent) , for a medium size Architect owned design firm . Even if I will be making 15,000 less then before --> this is no time to be choosy laugh

For the life of me I never been out of work for more then 3 weeks - but to be out of work for a year and a half is something else .

To have to deal with on a daily bases the constant , stress , fear , depression , worries and disappointments , sleeping only 3 to 4 hours every night , my hair is thiner and I lost weight , the whole family made extreme sacrifices and my savings is wiped out . Even the pets were put on diets , for a year and a half . Plus now both our cars are broken with no money to fix them .

So now a sign of relief , just the fear if I will fit in ? ?

Come March 1st I start my new job - so the forum will see allot less of this stressed out pissed off Carp . For those that I got into running pitched battles with , you have my apologies

Mahalo to all for putting up with my (Carp) for the last year laugh