For a few years now I have been playing with BartPE. Used it to repair systems and even as a host os for a embedded system.

Anyway since I have been repairing more PCs lately and most people are on the netbook bandwagon I decided to create a bootable USB flash drive that holds BartPE (Custom Windows PE). Even though the PeBuilder comes with software to make the flash drive "bootable" it doesn't really work. It installs the files but doesn't add a MBR correctly and you end up with the "No Operating System Found". Since I have Linux on my laptop with the Grub bootloader I was able to fix the MBR with in Grub's command prompt.

I just had to find what device ID the flash drive was and the rest was easy.

root (hd1,0)
chainloader --force +1

After issuing those commands I ran into a new error "NTDECT failed to load". I was about to give up and rebooted the system. I forgot to remove the Flash drive when I rebooted, the system automaticlly booted to the flash drive and it worked.

Now all what is left is to add in some common ethernet drivers and software to make this little project complete.
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