Yep, something's slipping. I can see that y'all posted 39 and 35 minutes ago, by the threads, but in the actual "window" of your post, y'all posted yesterday at 11:54 and 11:59 pm.

'Course, that may have been happening' all along, and I just now noticed.

OK, one more thing. In Dreaded Threaded mode, my "click in" takes me to the last post I hadn't read yet, and I can see all the little yellow "not read yet" indicator thingies for the rest of the newest posts.

After I've clicked on the next unread post in the thread, all the yellow "not read" thingies are gone. That would be OK, if all the posts I have read stayed blue, like they used to. But now, it's kinda hit and miss.

I'm pretty sure this isn't just a conspiracy to make me go into flat mode, right? Right?

Edit: I'm plain vanilla Central time, so that's still off, too. Sorry, should've been more clear.

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