the information here is not for the quicksilver this information is for how to install a adc graphics card in a agp mac with a power supply upgrade.

Now the question is why would you want to do this..

Simple lets say you are strap for cash cannot find a mac graphics card that is cheap and just need a little more power not a whole lot of power well this is where the mod comes in.

What is needed.

1. Adc graphics card i used a geforce 4 mx 64 meg graphics card to get rid of my noisy ati

2. a atx power supply.

3. the information at xlrarate your mac

look for the subject intitled g4 in pc case

follow the instructions to modify the power supply for the g4

once finished connect the new power cell make sure the computer comes on with the old graphics card first.

now once confirmed power up.

shut down the machine.

install the adc graphics card now make sure the card has a vga port on it the adc portion of the card will not function don;t even try...

and you are done