I finally got around to buying a g3 to swap the blue panels on my g4. I know its kinda old but it still has a powerpc processor and runs my os9 stuff. I also swapped the latch mechanism that goes under the mobo because mine was broke. this required cutting a square hole because the g4 has a square piece that looks like it acts as a heatsink for something on the backside of the board.

next on the to do list is clearing the side panels, fixing my secondhand blue and white studio display, selling the graphite-white g3, adding fans, and upgrading the processor.

I want to make a window on the bottom half of the case by cutting a hole in the metal and somehow gasketing it to the clear panel. then I plan on removing the fan and cage and mounting clear fans straight to the clear plastic. but im not sure how big I can make the window before the case looses structural integrity.

Then I can think about making it faster. I am tempted to buy a upgrade processor like the ones from newertech, sonnet, or owc. But it might be cheaper to either replace the whole motherboard, or just the processor with the ones from a mdd or quicksilver.

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