<br>for those interested in beta testing<br><br>What's New<br>=========<br><br>Icon contest! When you download the 0.6 version of ImageWell you'll see two disk images - imagewell and imagewell2. The programs are identical except for the Icon - sorry I couldn't figure out how to put the two icons in the same program and have you select it <br><br><br>DaddyMac Icon --------- irazl Icon<br><br>take a look at the two icon entries and vote here for the one you like the best - please view on your machine, the jpg image above doesn't really show the icon very well.<br><br><br><br>More Stuff!<br>========<br><br>- added the ability to put labels on the top, bottom, left or right of the image. please click here for an example<br><br>- added cryptic error messages! yes that's right if the image can't load you'll get an error now, followed by a meaningless number to frustrate you! (I'll try to decode these in later versions)<br><br>- fixed some problems reported like username, password being blank, having to relaunch IW if Send failed, the crop cursor should be easier to see in dark images.<br><br>Stuff left to do<br>==========<br><br>need to make 4 more shapes<br>improved crop function<br>help file<br>improved Send feature to allow simultaneous file sends<br><br>and ooops - reset button doesn't reset Label tab - just noticed that!<br><br>cheers and enjoy!<br><br><br>