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How will the motherboards cost less? This is a hackintosh, he wants to run OS X- he's going to be limited by what he can actually use, much more than by cost.

LGA 1156 boards are generally cheaper than 1366 boards. Of course there are plenty of 1156 boards more expensive, all depends on what goodies are included.

As for tests, I've seen plenty of reviews showing the 860 is faster out of the box (notice I don't mention overclocking) than the 920, plus it's more energy efficient which is always a good thing. Of course, as you mention it's a hackintosh, so compatibility is more important, and the prices are going to be pretty close anyway. Hyperthreading is too overrated to even be a consideration IMO, but the

Also the 920's are being phased out, new chips are going the way of the 860's design.

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