Originally Posted By: EdsJunk
Is there a Mod of the year for this year???
The short answer to why there wasn't a Mod Challenge in 2009 was that MacMod went through some major transitions behind the scenes throughout most of the year. With MacTech's recent acquisition of MacMod, I think things are going to go a lot smoother in 2010 (although there's still work to be done to adapt and merge various aspects of MacMod to better fit MacTech, like the podcast for example).

Don't despair about there not being a 2009 Mod Challenge, though. I know there were some really incredible mods since the 2008 Mod Challenge (yours included, EdsJunk) that deserve a chance to win an award, so I think if we do a contest in 2010 it would only be fair to open it to people who made any mods since the 2008 challenge was closed to new entries.
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