Since I have noticed a few threads on building a Hackintosh since us modders have landed I thought I would make a quick and dirty guide on building one.

Lets start with the hardware. I'm a little behind on the hardware since everyday something better hits the market or some nerd in his basement created ether drivers or a custom kernel for said hardware to be compatible.

You can use a AMD or Intel CPU for a hackintosh but you're better off trying to create a exact copy of a real mac so stick with Intel. AMD works but you can only go so far before you run into problems.

A Mac uses a Intel CPU that supports SSE3 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 3) Some older Pentium 4 and Celeron CPUs have this but pretty much anything from a Core Solo up to the i7 and xeons use it. Back in the day there was a SSE2 emulator but it was buggy and unstable.

If you're planning to build something that can hang with the MacPro get a i7 or a Xeon.

Nothing special, just like a typical computer but avoid generic brand memory.

Hard drive
IDE and most SATA is compatible.

Every optical drive I have tossed at my system works just fine.

Most USB sound systems work quite well. Built in sound systems may vary and you'll have to download 3rd party drivers

nVidia and ATI vary, these companies make the GPU and other companies such as BFG, XFX, ColorVision and such make the card it self and use their own BIOS. They can be tricky to setup like obtaining the hardware ID and such. Just use the OSx86 Wiki site for info on a video card you want to use.

Try and match the chipset from a MacPro like for a example a Intel P35. Make sure it has firewire, if not you can always toss in a PCI card. Avoid chipset brands such as VIA, nVidia and PC Chips.

Store bought system
Before setting out and buying a HP or Dell take a look at the data sheet for the system. Like what chipset the motherboard uses, video, sound and CPU and make sure they fall into the correct specs from the OSx86 wiki page.

Laptops and Netbooks
The EEEPC, Aspire One, Dell Mini, and MSI Wind are compatible but you'll have to load up on 3rd party drivers and use a custom 3rd party kernel. Some hardware may not work such as the mouse touch pad, WiFi and video.

Most full size laptops use AMD products so it will be kinda hard. Vendors don't like using Intel CPUs because it costs too much. Netbooks use Intel products but it's mostly older hardware and uses the slower Intel Atom CPU series.

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