Damn this thing is snappy! App store is a bit confusing to navigate though, IMO.

100,000 apps and 50,000 of them seem to be boobs of one kind or another. I tossed a bunch of free games on there, and some of her favorite tunes. Just how many farmville clones are there anyway? Oh, and the level app. I'm sure that'll come in handy for her. wink

Facebook app works great, despite about 50 reviews saying it didn't work on the touch. Maybe they had old ones. Facebook, MSNBC, IMDB, all her favorite websites have apps. Couldn't for the life of me get it to work here to connect to the net. Forgot to add the MAC address into router's allowed list... duh.

A MacTech forum app would be sweet *wink wink*

Okay, have to stop playing with it. Can't put it down... ahhhhhhhhhh! Already had to delete iTunes receipt emails, I'll have to be on top of my game tomorrow when they send some more!

The old 20 gig 3rd gen with it's black and white text display looks like a dinosaur now. I see a 32 gig touch in my future. wink

Hey I'm an F'n Jerk!