I have seen on YouTube a video where some guy built a "Game Gun". This device is a simple toy gun that has a LCD and a air-mouse attached on top and has a keyboard or game pad modified to fit inside of the toy gun. This makes the game play more realistic for first person shooter games. I doubt such a device would would be on the market anytime soon and the cost would be outrageous. However I have been playing with my own Game gun idea. Since im a avid airsoft player I have a few electric cheap-o rifles that do not work anymore.

My idea for my Game gun is some what simple. Use a game pad with a thumb stick to control forward, backward, jump and crouch. Button on the bottom of the clip to reload and a mouse scroll on the other side of the grip to change weapons and so on. Ofcourse the trigger would fire. Maybe use the safety as a alternate fire. The gun I have here to use for the game gun is a cheapy Stunt Studios AK-47. It's full length and can hold all of the electronics just fine. It's just the matter of cutting slots into the casing and such. The LCD is a SUPER 10 inch display. I'm going to try it with my iPhone and the air mouse app until I can find a reasonable price for a real air mouse.

Here is a picture of the AK-47 and the LCD.

I'm thinking to use a cordless game pad and another cordless mouse to control the functions. I can buy a bunch of push buttons from allelectronics.com dirt cheap for the rest. Hard part is securing the LCD to the gun. I think a simple L bracket should work.
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