I had no idea MaximumPC had that article. I've been a fan of the MAME scene for many years but never built a cabinet.

A lot of sites out there want to charge way too much for the cabinet or at times charge a arm and a leg just for a set of plans to build one. All what a cabinet is; is a box with a screen and a small shelf for the controls.

You can build a cabinet like I have planned for about 30 bucks then probably about 50 bucks in hardware from ebay, electronic websites like allelectronics and digi-key. There are also few DIY MAME parts sites. There are hundreds of ways to build a control station for the system so you can go as cheap as possible or go all out and go for high end authentic hardware that requires converters or some sort of a micro-controller to decipher it.


Since im posting a reply I guess I'll toss up a update on the build. The case is some what complete. I'm debating to paint it or use a vinyl cover. As for hardware I have everything but the joystick. Software is complete. Instead of using OSx I am using Linux that loads the MAME emulator. Kinda works the same as those mini arcade games you see at bars and restaurants.
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