So my D-Link, probably three or four years old now, seems to be pooched. It will work for those Macs which are physically tethered into it (and then into the cable modem) but the wireless aspect seems to be toast. We fired up our laptop to check on the wireless capability (not generally used much by us, especially in the winter months) because we're expecting house guests soon and want them to be able to use their laptops via wireless. No go. Not even detecting a signal... zero bars for signal strength. Tried rebooting both router and cable modem, to no avail. Went to router control via Safari and while I can get in, every time I click on the wireless tab to see what's up it never loads. So I guess I'm in need of a new router. I'm told they do go in time.... well, doesn't everything.

What's currently hot/reliable/economical/dependable? Which brand name should I be going with? Linksys? D-Link? Appreciate being steered in the right direction.