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Hey, I use Macs for a reason!

Apparently not for education ? ?

I dont no but I do have an HP printer next to me , maybe I should look again laugh ahh a Canon Camera , ahh Neo Office for transferring files to a PC , ahhhhh should I make a long list ? ?

I see where your coming from but thats really a half truth . Don't let the school IT dope ya

Take it easy there bud. Let's not get hateful. Keep it constructive.


My take is that to use the Mac OS properly you have to accept a more limited hardware selection. BUT ... You also don't have to deal with drivers. There are some compatibility issues, but if your third party vendor sticks to standards & industry guidelines, your device "should" be compatible with OS X in the most basic forms. The devices that do work well with the Mac OS also get a small but dedicated customer base. So you have a few companies that work well with your OS (OS X) and they continue to develop their hardware and software to work well with your operating system.

I am 98% willing to not have to think about hardware options and choices in excess when I go to buy a computer. When I go to buy a Mac I accept that I am going to have a few choices, but they will all satisfy my needs & wants. Maybe there might be one or two things that I would need 0.1% of the time that my Mac wouldn't have. But generally I can work around it, and am willing to be happy 99.9% of the time with my computing choice by choosing Apple products.

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