Here is the run down on achieving a Hackintosh. Go with strictly intel hardware for the CPU and chipset. You can use AMD, VIA, SiS and even nVidia but you'll only get so far. For Tiger and Leopard you need at lest a Intel 945 series chipset and a Intel CPU that uses SSE3. You can use a SSE2 CPU but you will run into problems.

There are a few ways to boot up OS X. A 3rd party kernel will be in order unless you're using a i7 or Xeon CPU then you can use the stock "Vanilla" kernel. You'll have want to use the Darwin bootloader or chameleon bootloader and have it set in the MBR (Master Boot Record). There is even a special USB dongle that lets you boot OS X naively but it only works on a handful of motherboards.

You're best is to buy a copy of OS X and build you're own CD. This way you're not pirating software and Apple still gets their share out of it. Once you get OSx86 to run do not use the system update app or it may cripple the system and you'll have to start all over again.


I've seen some hackintoshes that have been built on a 200 dollar budget and still able to hang with mac mini's and some MacBook pros. My system is a mock up of a MacPro, I think it can hang with the higher end Apple systems just fine. The only downside is I cant run Parallels or bootcamp but I can dual boot the system or use some other VT software like QEMU, VMware and Virtual Box.

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