I'm liking the keyboard - it takes a while to get used to how low down it is compared to my old one, and how quiet!

Once some more enhancements come along for the magic mouse, it'll be great. At the moment, I love the stroke-to-scroll web pages etc. function. It's driving me nuts though not to be able to assign stuff to it - I'm trying out an app called MouseWizard, but it's still in early days and doesn't let me do the two things I most used SteerMouse for (which won't recognise the Magic Mouse, of course) - I had it set up so that in most apps, middle-click did cmd-h to hide the app, and in a few choice ones like Firefox and iTunes and so on, it was a backpage button. I miss it!

I've just got home and it's dark here, and using this imac in the relative lower light is delightful. It's when the room has some ambient sunlight in the background that the reflections are annoying. And yes, I can turn it down to reduce white-out.

Blimey, it's fast! Probably hdd as well as the processor is faster, because now logging out and in again takes about a second instead of half a minute. Screen size is pretty weird - especially now that my browser screen is the other side of the sky from its own menu items, so I have to go waaaay up there on the left to choose from the bookmarks menu. I think there's a way of adding it to the bookmark bar as a dropdown.
If it's brokenless, don't suffix it...