Apparent Software is introducing a bundle of graphic applications for Mac MacGraPhoto (

The bundle was launched on 16th Nov and will be running for 2 weeks.
Most of selected application are Apple Staff Pick or Apple Design Award winners.

All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations:
* Picturesque - Make images gorgeous (Original price $30)
* GraphicConverter - Universal genius for photo editing (Original price $35)
* ImageFramer - The Mac way to add frames to your pictures (Original price $39)
* Funtastic Photos - Makes photos amazing (Original price $35)
* DrawIt - Simply draw it! (Original price $39)
* HoudahGeo - Know where you took that photo! (Original price $30)
* Graphic Designer Toolbox - Computer generated graphics for designers (Original price $43)

MacGraPhoto costs $39.99 (USD), while the total retail cost of the included applications is $251.
MacGraPhoto also introduces a rewarding friend-referral program that allows users to get the bundle for free.
MacGraPhoto has an affiliate program that allows websites or users to earn money for referring people to MacGraPhoto.