I recently got my MusicPad stolen and while waiting around for the "iTablet" or whatever to come out, I wanted to build a sheet music reader out of an iBook G4.
My first attempt was to butcher the hinge and bottom case so that the iBook would fold completely flat (necessary for sitting on a music stand) and to operate it in Portrait Mode via software called "Display Rotation Menu". I got all THAT working and was waiting for a USB touchscreen overlay that I got off eBay when THAT iBook got stolen. Now that I've got another iBook and booby-trapped the house against further interference, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a "component" iBook so that the Display could be removed about 12 inches from the bottom case. The idea being that I could set the display upright on a music stand and have the bottom half sitting beside it. Any ideas on how I would go about extending the display cable? Or perhaps there's an equivalent cable (but longer) that would work? The two halves could just be velcro-ed together for transport.
I'll post any progress I have. I hope I posted this to the right forum.