Through some of my own thought I've debated a roll-top or a flat top, but I'm sticking with that first style of desk I posted. I feel that it is the most American of designs, and it's simplicity mimics that of Apple's newest computers.

TonimusMaximus- Interesting, I like that thought, but I may go for chain or belt drive coupled with gearing.

manhackman- Yeah, thats one of the top ideas, but I liked something different PC mod that W2ed mentions, I'll get to that. For that idea though I was thinking that I should use either the right or the left set of drawers, and I am in the debate making it a server rack. Which side do you all use your drawers the most? Can servers go sideways? I also think a water-cooling system in that same assembly would be pretty nice.

W2ed- Nice, I like this mod. The glass showcasing the computer is awesome. I personally prefer a large straight desk to an L desk, I feel it makes it a little more long-term use able, that way it can be against a wall, corner or in the middle of the room without being too much a bother. But this guy's ideas are sound.
Secondly, thanks, yeah I've been thinking this idea secretly for a few years, but I haven't really had the supplies at hand, so I'm pretty psyched to be discussing it. I'm thinking it may be both Mac and PC, perhaps a good Linux system- I would need advice on that point.
Thirdly I agree, my current laptop is a MacBook Pro, and I noticed the 24" screens now have great hook-up-ability to these. I am debating making a server-rack in the side, but perhaps wait a couple years till I can afford a proper server, and in the mean-time use it as a fancy-screen-desk. Perhaps once I have a server in place my laptop will be outdated enough to join it on the rack. (Again, can racks go sideways?)
Fourthly- I figure the guts need to be upgraded from time to time, and I feel the screen can be fully built-in, I doubt it will be outdated quickly, do others disagree? Plus the rising screen is the most entertaining part of a desk-puter!
Fifthly- The ports kept me from replying earlier, I've thought a lot about it. I feel the most logical idea is to have a small spring-loaded (like a cd-player's lid that you press down and it pops up) access panel. It would have a removable bezel that could be replaced when wiring changes. I'm not sure if I want it on the right side or the left side. I'm right handed, and I tend to stuff the most junk on the left side of my desk so perhaps the right side is the proper choice.

Sorry bout the long post,)