Hello MacMod community!
I am beginning the brainstorm of a new build. This build will be a custom desk integrated with a computer. The desk will not be a wonderbread creation of particle board and plastic screws, but instead modeled after the great American Desk design. You know, those big oak desks, with the two major pedestals, three drawers each, and dead solid.

But I need help brainstorming the specifics. I am planning to build the desk from Ash (because that is what I have available, it will be just as tough, if not tougher.)and have a Bakelite top. I find Bakelite to be a very pleasant and acceptable writing surface.

What I want advice on- Type of computer. Should I put in an old G4, maybe network a few together? Or should I get a brand-spanking-new server blade? I've been entertaining the idea of using one of the two sets of drawers as a server holder, having a drawer-pull facade that exposes a steel rack with a water-cooling system control. Though that might be a bit out there.
Also what do you use most on your desk? What features should I include? Do you like having five drawers, or can I kill the file-drawer? Is a pull out keyboard tray necessary? Should I have a screen that hydrolicly lifts from the back and hides away when I'm not using it? Should it be a roll top, or just a flat surface?

Sorry about the huge entry post, I'll stop talking and start listening. smile


This sort of desk is my preferred- http://www.primetimeauctions.com/auctions/2004/11/06/images/102504_01.jpg