I am a old school gamer. When ever I play a arcade game it brings back memories when me and my friends would spend our hard earned allowance at the arcade. Sadly now it's hard to find a arcade let alone games worth playing, all you can find that that crappy DDR game and a hand full of racing games.

I'm going to bring back the old arcade gaming to the home. Instead of slapping on a emulator and calling it finished im thinking to build my own cabinet. It would be a table top system for easy storage and doesn't take up much space.

To make this a Mac MAME system im planning to put my old B&W system into use once again. The only spare monitor I have is a DELL 17inch trueflat CRT. As for the controls I was thinking to use a game pad and modify it for arcade use. I can buy some arcade buttons for 3 bucks a button and the joystick runs about 5 bucks.

For the cabinet I was thinking to make it look like a classic Macintosh all-in-one or go with a custom design and let my girl friend and her sister do the art work since they're both art majors.

Right now im reinstalling OSX Tiger on the B&W and when it's finished i'll start gutting the system to the bare minimum. After that I can start working on the cabinet.