I've been using the small wireless aluminum keyboard for awhile now and love it, both for the feel of it and also for the fact that its small size makes it easier to fit on my small desk.

Problem is, I HATE the aluminum finish. Makes the one part of my desk look like a pretentious yuppie kitchen counter.

So what to do? Radio C1ash posted a very tasty mod here a while back (c.f. 1900 keyboard) which is kind of like what I'm thinking of, but I'm finding it not practical for at least 3 reasons: finding enough typewriter keys for the mod won't be cheap; I have doubts about hot-gluing anything to the chiclets; and the small smaller footprint of my keyboard makes it much harder to fabricate and adequately support the wood superstructure the way he did.

I'm thinking of painting or otherwise modifying the aluminum itself. But I'm a little dubious about how well the paint might adhere. I'd toyed with the idea of electro-plating the aluminum, but a little research made it clear that was a no-go. I'd also toyed with the idea of tracking down a laser-cutting joint to cut a small sheet of brass which I could use as an overlay, but so far I've failed to find a place that could do it without charging me more than the keyboard cost in the first place.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Wood veneer maybe? How easy is that to cut and glue? Sources for same?