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Buy a optical ATA bus adapter that converts to a standard 40pin IDE then use a IDE to firewire or USB. As for the hard drive you're pretty much stuck. You could strip the plastic off the ribbon cable and solder ribbon cable on to make it longer but that would be a huge task to complete.

So, something like this http://www.dinodirect.com/Tronixin-SATA-IDE-Ultra-ATA-100-133-Converter-Adapter-Drive/AFFID-15.html? Except i need to find one that is 40pin?

Why would I need to use it via firewire or USB? Is there anyway to do it without using firewire or USB? I want to connect directly to the motherboard.

Well after thinking about it and looking at that article you could use a two drive ribbon cable and toss on a 44pin or 40pin adapter onto the optical drive.