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I need to lengthen all the wires from the display. This would include the airport pigtail, the microphone (not important), and then the two other cables. I assume one is the data to the LCD screen and the other is the light?

So, how do I extend the wires? Can I just strip them, go in to Radio Shack and find wire of the same gauge and solder it in the middle of the wire to make it longer?

Any answers for this yet?

You don't have to lengthen the AirPort cable. Just run it on the side, it doesn't have to go around the monitor. As for the video yes you can just strip it and extend the wire but it can take a while. If you do this make sure to use heat-shrink tubing on the cable to insulate it. Best bet for the cable is some zip line, has some nice thick sheathing.

For cheaper components try here