Here's the breakdown of the mod:
I'm putting an ibook G3 inside the shell of a Lime iMac.

The goal is to make the iMac portable. So, I'm making it as light weight as possible. In doing so I'm using all the laptop's components because they are lighter. The only iMac component I'm going to try using is the CD-ROM because it will fit nicer in the slot in the shell.

I need to lengthen all the wires from the display. This would include the airport pigtail, the microphone (not important), and then the two other cables. I assume one is the data to the LCD screen and the other is the light?

So, how do I extend the wires? Can I just strip them, go in to Radio Shack and find wire of the same gauge and solder it in the middle of the wire to make it longer?

Issue 2:
Connecting the iMac CD-ROM to the iBook motherboard. I have a IDE cable that has two inputs (one for the HDD and one for the CD-ROM). But, the back of the CD-ROM I'm using from the iMac is ATAPI. Which someone told me today is the same as IDE. But, the IDE cable doesn't plug into it (interesting note, there is a chip plugged into the CD-ROM that looks like it converts it to IDE. Don't know if that is normal or not.

Anyway I'm really excited to get going on this. Any input would be great.

Also, since I'm going to be using an external keyboard, and I'm adding an additional 100GB internal laptop drive via USB adapter, I'll be using both USB ports. So, my plan is to get 2 USB hubs for hopefully a total of 8 USB ports. Anyone see a problem with that? I have my doubts that a laptop could keep all 8 ports powered if devices were connected to each slot.

Thanks for the help!