I get a phone call from my Dad last night - his iMac G5 has gone haywire, and the Apple Store says it's either the power supply or the mobo (thanks guys, there's no way to give a definite answer???). He's ordered a new PS for the computer, which I'll be installing for him in a couple weeks. If that's the fix, we're good. If that's NOT the problem, though, he wants to buy a Mac Mini and have me swap the mobo, drives, etc. out of the Mini and into the iMac's case. The only problem is, how can I wire up the iMac's LCD to the Mac Mini's video port? I'm figuring that positioning the Mini components in the iMac's case couldn't be that hard, given the size difference between the 2 machines, but adapting the LCD to the Mini's video port is going to give me headaches.