Well I tried everything I know and this laptop will not except OSx86. I keep getting Kernel Panics. HP is too secretive of listing the detailed hardware specs for this system. All I know it has a AMD X2 CPU, GeForce Go 6150, nForce GO 430 MCP51 SATA. The rest is just guessing from what I can find like Broadcom wireless that BTW there are like hundreds of different models to choose from. I might install windows and create my own detailed specs sheet by looking up device IDs.

Also HP has to be weird and add a failsafe trying to force people to only use Windows XP or Vista. If the system doesn't see a Windows tag in the MBR it freaks out a bit and you cant install a different filesystem because it locks the drive so to install OSx86 I have to put the drive in my desktop then install everything.