A few years ago I was given a PAR terminal. It was used at the McDonald's I use to work for. Well I looked around for a keyboard for it but a keyboard for this terminal runs about 200 and up. After some digging around I found out the keyboard is nothing more then a XT/AT/PS\2 keyboard that uses a RJ11 (Telephone) connection. I went to radioshack and bought some RJ11 cable while I was there I found a super cheap PS\2 keyboard for 9 bucks. I hardwired the RJ11 cable to the keybard controller and hooked it up. As im playing with this terminal the keyboard mapping is different, like the A key is Q and Return is Shift. Some simple key swapping, masking tape and a pin took care of that. I pulled out a old Parallel direct connection cable and did a simple peer to peer network on my software router (old 486 Acer PC running Linux that only handles as a router) and now I can ssh into my Mac.

Its all in good fun and to kill time. Comes in handy when Boxee crashes and I cant access the Finder. Just login via SSH and kill Boxee. I might even hook up my old dot matrix printer to the terminal for more added fun lol.