I'm looking for a Quicksilver 1GHZ dual proc daughter card to upgrade my QS.

I'm starting a recording business because from what my friends tell me that the recordings I make are amazing and that I could make money off it, so I am.

My main machine for this my Powermac G5 seeing as it laughs at Logic 8 (even when I have like 20+ plugins run at once its still only take 20% of each CPU core)

My iBook is too slow to run logic and record 8 tracks at once so the logical choice is just take the G5 and my gear to the client's rehearsal space but I much rather not move around this machine considering it is very large and my main computer.

I have a Powermac G4 Quicksilver with two 40 gigs 1.25 gigs of ram and a 733MHZ CPU.

I want to put a dual one GHZ card in there so that I may run Logic to record onto that computer then transfer the data to the G5 for mixing and mastering.

so does anyone have on be of these for trading?

where can I get one for a reasonable price?