Too keep myself busy I have decided to build a Macintosh Mini.

I'm going to use the old carputer ATX-2 power supply since it is small in size and for the moment a standard micro ATX motherboard.
The case I'm planing to use is my old Xbox case. Since my Xbox died I striped it down and started grinding off the old mounts/stand offs.

The case can hold the motherboard and power supply perfectly. I'm planning to use a laptop based optical drive and hard drive. For the time being this will not be a Hackintosh but a dumb terminal until I can locate another Celeron CPU for the motherboard I want to use. For now it's a AMD Sepron system. Since PC motherboards are swapable this would be a quick change when the time comes. Tomorrow i'll start posting pics of the build.

Mounting the hardware will be easy as cake. Just use a white marker and mark the mounting holes then use some screws and a few nuts. The tricky part is the optical drive since I want to use the OEM placement, i'll just fab up a tray and some mounts out of sheet metal. Since the northbridge on both motherboards are at the same location I can't use a desktop optical drive due to the massive heatsinks. I'll play with it anyway, last thing I want is gaps or the use of bondo or fiberglass on this project.