Then it is not a MacBook Pro as you claim simply because it is not possible to solder in an extra CPU to any of Apple's x86 based products.

In fact, I would be absolutely shocked to see even a high end PC laptop were the manufacturer wasted so much space and materials on the PCB just for an empty set of pads that would allow for a second CPU to be soldered in by a rare person with extremely expensive equipment. If anything they would stick the CPU in themselves.

Unfortunately there is no market for such a beast as it would be useless as a portable (big/hot/power hungry) and it would also be _very_ expensive.

Sounds quite a bit like benches/sysinfo was faked and you were lied to.

So yea, we are going to need decent pictures.

On a side note it looks like a 2.5Ghz w/ 6MB L2 for notebook would be a T9300. But (please correct me if I am wrong) isn't the T9300 not designed for going dual?