Hi. I have a G4 Digital Audio that's had gradual mods over time, including a 1.5 GHz processor, a TB of storage with the two internals and two externals, a 128 MB video card running dual 22" flat panels, a super drive and a pair of USB2 PCI cards. I added a couple of lighted fans inside of the case and another fan that cools the video card installed in one of the PCI slots.

So I have a lot of stuff plugged into the thing, including my Wacom tablet, a webcam, printer, iPod, etc. A while ago I noticed the case was getting hot and discovered that the power supply fan wasn't spinning. I can coax it to spin when I start up by helping the blades get going with a plastic toothpick, but that is a sucky workaround. I'd like to put a new supply in, perhaps something with more power than the original which, I think, is a 338 watt box? So the question is, can I just pop in to the local Best Buy and pick up any off the shelf supply, or is it more likely that Apple used something funky that's going to make this difficult and expensive for me to do? If any of you have experience with this machine or can offer me any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! smile