Hi,I have the same labtop (gateway m275 tablet)and was wondering if you can help me.I wanted to install leopard on it,but can't seem to find the right installation guide.I looked everywhere including 0sx86 project forums until I stumbled onto your post.As of now,I downloaded the latest version of ideneb onto a dvd,but before I go about installing it I can't seem to find the right drivers and kexts I need to choose for this specific labtop.So if you can please email me the installation method you used to install leopard and what I should do to get it running.Also,I upgraded the ram to 1gig cause I know leopard needs at least a minimum of 512mb to run.I was also thinking of replacing the wireless with a DW 1510 wireless n mini pci card off ebay.I think it's the same one apple used previously on theit macbooks so my assumption is it should work out of the box if I replace it.I would deeply appreciate if you can help me.Also,just wanted to comment that the pics looked amazingly awesome.Just wish my labtop could look the same.Thanks.